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Special Education Parent Teacher Orginaztion

SEPTO stands for Special Education Parent Teacher Organization. The Cold Spring Harbor SEPTO is a district-wide organization which is dedicated to providing support to parents/caregivers going through the special educations process with their child. 


What SEPTO can do for you?

SEPTO provides education, training and support to enable parents to be more effective advocates for their children and effective participants in the CSE Special Education Process. Parents with experience in the Special Education system can provide support for parents who are new to the system. SEPTO is also a liaison between parents, teachers and administration, working collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for our children. 

Benefits of SEPTO membership:

Parent/Caregiver support services, such as:

o   Hosting guest speakers 

o   Workshops

o   Parent network

Access to programs for children, including: 

o   Friendship club 

o   Homework club

SEPTO is looking forward to doing whatever we can to help our members and their children navigate this school year. Our mission is to provide parents and teachers with the ability to obtain information, discuss issues, and improve academic and social experiences for all of our children. We invite EVERYONE to join SEPTO this year.


We are looking for topics for future roundtable discussions.


Please contact us with any suggestions!

Print out and mail in the below form to join or CLICK HERE to sign up online or download the membership form HERE!

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