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2023-24 Upcoming Events 

We are in the process of putting together our

Central Parent Council (CPC)
School Improvement Team (SIT)

for the
2024-2025 school year.

Click below to read descriptions of the board roles and for the self-nomination forms.

information and self-nomination form

information and self-nomination form



Tuesday, May 14, 2023 at 9am at the

District Office (Goosehill Campus)

All are welcome to attend our final meeting of 2023-24 for our end of the year wrap-up.  As always, community members will have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have for our Central Administration.

Relevant documents for the meeting will be posted by Monday, 5/13 to:

CPC Meeting Documents | CSH PTG

CLICK HERE for meeting documents from January 18 : Dangers of Smart Devices with SCPD Officer Levy.



* indicates this is

   an updated meeting date

- * September 27 (Wednesday)

- * October 25 (Wednesday)

- November 16 (Thursday)

- January 18 (Thursday)

- February 15 (Thursday)

- March 14 (Thursday)

- April 18 (Thursday)

- May 16 (Thursday)

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  Chair Reports

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Central Parents Council


The CPC’s purpose is to coordinate and facilitate communication between the district school parent organizations and administration, staff, board of education and the community.

Each school in our district is represented by their parent group presidents and representatives. The meeting is an OPEN meeting where all are welcomed and encouraged to attend.


The monthly meeting is always attended by our District Administration. Each school and parent group gives a brief report on their recent and upcoming events.


CPC welcomes all parent input and comments during the "new business" portion of the monthly meeting. It is a chance to brainstorm issues and ideas with the group that directly relates to our children and our school district as a whole. We urge all parents to attend.

CPC Mission Statement

CPC By-Laws & Past CPC Boards

CPC By-Law Amendments 2019

2023 - 2024 CPC Executive Board

Chair -          Tara Belfi


Vice Chair -  Lauren Heinz


Secretary -   Joann Kuncewitch



Treasurer -    Erin Rechler


*emails are hyperlinked

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Contact Information

Please refer to the District Calendar or the Cold Spring Harbor Family Directory for telephone numbers OR

send an email directly to a PTG Executive Board Member by clicking the above names.

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