Central Parents Council

Our purpose is to coordinate and facilitate communication between the District school parent organizations and administration, staff, Board of Education and the community.

Each school in our district is represented by their parent group presidents, and representatives. The meeting is an OPEN meeting where all are welcomed and encouraged to attend. The meeting is always attended by our District Administration and Board of Education Members and each school and parent group gives a report on district wide issues.


CPC welcomes all parent input and comments during the "new business" portion of the meeting. It is a chance to brainstorm issues and problems with the group that directly relates to our children and our school district as a whole. We urge all parents to attend.

The CPC meets the first Thursday of every month at 9am in the District Office: 75 Goose Hill Road, Cold Spring Harbor. All of our meetings are open to the public, and are listed on the school calendar.

CPC Mission Statement

CPC By-Laws & Past CPC Boards

CPC By-Law Amendments 2012

CPC By-Law Amendments 2015

2019 - 2020 CPC Executive Board

Wendi DeSchutter, Chairperson

Cristina Monterroso, Vice-Chair 

Edina Bobelian, Secretary

Valerie McLain, Treasurer

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