The name of this association shall be the "Citizen Faculty Association of Cold Spring Harbor Jr/Sr High School" hereinafter referred to as the "CFA.”


The purpose of the CFA shall be to support the students, parents, faculty and administration of Cold Spring Harbor Jr/Sr High School.


Section 1. The CFA shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan.

Section 2. The CFA may raise funds as needed for the benefit of the students within the guidelines of the bylaws.

Section 3. The CFA shall cooperate with other organizations and agencies for the benefit of the students, within the guidelines of these bylaws.


Section 1. Membership is open to all parents/guardians of students attending Cold Spring Harbor Jr/Sr High School, any other resident of the Cold Spring Harbor School District, and any persons employed by the Board of Education of this District.



Section 2. The annual dues shall be proposed by the CFA Board and approved by the membership of the CFA by the June meeting. 



Section 3. The privilege of holding office, introducing motions and voting shall be limited to current members.



Section 4. The CFA shall conduct an annual enrollment of members.




Section 1. The officers of the CFA shall be President and Chair(s), Chair of Membership, Chair of Committees, Chair of Communications, Secretary and Treasurer.a. The offices of President and Chair(s) may be held by co-officers.b. The foregoing officers shall hereinafter collectively be described as the "CFA Board."


Section 2. The term of office for the officers shall be from July 1 to June 30 of the following year, or until their successors are installed.

Section 3. A person shall be eligible to serve no more than two consecutive terms in the same executive position. Exceptions may be permitted upon majority vote of membership if all other options have been exhausted by the Nominating Committee.


Section 4. Any officer absent from three meetings without cause shall forfeit the position by a vote of two-thirds of the board.


Section 1. All officers shall:

a. Attend all CFA meetings

b. Participate in the decision making of the CFA Board.

c. Perform such other duties as may be delegated to their office by the president. 

d. Be responsible for transferring materials to their successor by July.


Section 2. The President(s) shall:


a. Preside at all meetings of the membership and CFA Board.b. Work collaboratively with the CFA Board to establish and meet the goals and objectives of the CFA throughout the year.c. Ensure that the CFA bylaws are adhered to.d. Create Special Committees with input from the CFA Board on an “as needed" basis.e. Act as a liaison to the Principal.f. Hold a minimum of 5 CFA Board meetings per year, including an organizational meeting prior to September of the new school year.g. Hold a minimum of 5 membership meetings per year.h. Set calendar dates for CFA meetings and events for the upcoming school year with the President-elect and Central Parents Council (CPC).i. Attend Board of Education meetings, or appoint a representative.j. Serve as a representative at CPC meetings, and ensure that the CFA's responsibilities delineated in the CPC bylaws are adhered to. k. Attend District Committee on Shared Decision Making meetings.

l. Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.m. Preside over the transfer of materials from outgoing officers to their successors by July. n. Be responsible for the agenda at CFA meetings.

Section 3. The Chair of Membership shall:

a. Be responsible for conducting the annual enrollment of members. b. Responsible for distributing the directory to paid members. c. Update CFA membership email address database, maintaining confidentiality.

Section 4. The Chair of Committees shall:

a. Recruit and select committee chairperson(s) with input from the CFA Board.b. Provide means for members to communicate their interest in serving on a committee.c. Oversee and monitor all committees of the organization, and act as a liaison between committees and CFA Board and report status at general CFA meetings.d. Preside over the transfer of materials from outgoing committee chairpersons to their successors.


Section 5. The Chair of Communications shall:



a. Facilitate all communication between CFA Board and CFA members.b. Be responsible for updating CFA website when necessary.c. Communicate important dates, reminders, and news via email to CFA membersd. Reply to CFA email inquiries in a timely manner.e. Communicate with administrative staff to include reminders on morning announcements, outdoor signs and monthly Ripples. f. Post dates of all CFA meetings, approved minutes, and agenda on CFA website.g. Compile and deliver CFA news to be included in the Ripples Newsletter on a monthly basis.h. Post dates of all CPC meetings, approved minutes and agenda on CFA website.


Section 7. The Secretary shall:

a. Be responsible for recording the minutes of all CFA Board and membership meetings; distributing minutes at each meeting for approval; posting minutes in designated areas; distributing to superintendent and high school principal; distributing minutes to VP Communications to post on CFA webpage; maintaining copies of past and current minutes.b. Be responsible for a record of attendance at each CFA meeting.

c. Initiate the nominating committee process.d. Make available copies of past and current by-laws, as needed. Distribute copies at the first Board meeting of the new year so all members can preview their job descriptions.

Section 8. The Treasurer shall:


a. Receive all monies of the CFA.b. Keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures.c. Initiate Funds Requests where applicable and disperse funds with approval of the CFA Board and/or vote of the membership. Two CFA Board member signatures shall be required for each check written.d. Prepare a general budget, along with the CFA Board, which will highlight the year's anticipated expenditures. Review and update the budget throughout the year.e. Present a financial statement when requested by the CFA Board.f. Ensure that the CFA insurance policy is maintained on an annual basis and that insurance regulations are adhered to.g. File appropriate tax forms with IRS as necessary. H. Send written communication to the Cultural Arts Committee Chairperson and Treasurer, indicating the amount of financial support the CFA will be providing for the following school year by and or before May 15th. 




Section 1. The CFA Board shall consist of the elected officers of the CFA.Section 2. The duties of the CFA Board shall be:a. Transact necessary business in the intervals between CFA meetings and such other business as may be referred to it.

b. Present a budget for the upcoming fiscal year to the membership for majority approval at the October meeting.c. Review and approve the work of the committees.d. Select an auditing committee to audit the Treasurer's accounts.e. Select 6 representatives to Central Parent Council (CPC), including a President, a Past-President, and one representatives from both the junior high and senior high parents.

f. In the event one of these offices cannot be filled or becomes vacant, other officers shall share the duties of that office.g. During term of office, no member of the CFA Board shall serve as a chairperson on a committee. Exceptions may be permitted if all other options have been exhausted.Section 3. A quorum for the CFA Board meetings shall be two-thirds of the Board.Section 4. Meetings of the CFA Board shall be called at least once prior to each regular meeting of the CFA, and at the request of any officer who makes known such request to the president.



Section 1. Regular meetings of the organization shall be held on dates set on the district calendar.Section 2. Special membership meetings may be held at any time on call of the CFA Board, and/or if requested by members of the CFA. Notice of special meetings called or meetings rescheduled shall be given at least three days in advance.Section 3. The privilege of making motions, debating and voting shall be limited to current members of the CFA.Section 4. Majority of CFA current members present at a meeting determines a vote decision.Section 5. The President will be notified of all handouts to be distributed at CFA meetings.Section 6. No petitions of any kind are to be disseminated during the period of time between the call to order and the adjournment.


Section 1. Standing Committees shall be created by the CFA Board as needed to promote the objectives and carry out the work of the organization.Section 2. Chairperson(s) will be appointed on a yearly basis.Section 3. Special committees may be created by the President with input from the CFA Board for a specific purpose. When the work of a special committee is completed and its final report is accepted by the CFA Board, the committee shall be dissolved.

Section 4. Each committee shall limit annual expenses to the amount allotted in the annual budget and shall submit all major expenses for CFA Board approval.Section 5. Each committee chairperson shall keep records and make reports as necessary to the Vice-President of Membership and Committees, their Committee, and at CFA meetings.

Section 6. At the conclusion of the term of office, each committee chairperson shall transfer the records of the committee to the Vice-President of Membership and Committees.



Section 1. A Nominating Committee shall be formed in February to nominate officers for the upcoming year's CFA Board. Communication of the formation and duties of the Nominating Committee is the responsibility of the Secretary and will be done via Ripples, the CFA web site, and announced at a CFA meeting. The purpose of the communication is to seek volunteers to serve on this committee.Section 2. Nomination of officers shall be made annually by at least a four member Nominating Committee. If possible, one of the members shall be from the West Side School sub-district, and one shall be from the Lloyd Harbor School sub-district. If possible, one but not more than two outgoing CFA Board members should be members of the Nominating Committee.Section 3. If a member of the Nominating Committee drops out, the committee continues even if the number of members falls below the minimum.Section 4. The members of the Nominating Committee shall appoint a chairperson. A CFA Board member may not be a chairperson. Section 5. Anyone sitting on the Nominating Committee should not be seeking an office on the CFA Board. If a committee member does decide to run for office, that member shall resign from the committee.Section 6. The school community is notified (via Ripples and CFA web site) of the formation of the Nominating Committee naming the committee members, and informed that anyone interested in a board position or interested in nominating someone to a board position should contact a committee member.Section 7. The Nominating Committee will consider names that have been submitted to the committee as well as names suggested by members of the committee with the approval of the nominee.Section 8. The Nominating Committee selects the slate of officers that it feels would best serve on the CFA Board. Anyone who responded to the Nominating Committee for consideration of position will receive a phone call from the chairperson.Section 9. Slate will be presented at the April CFA meeting (or at least 10 days prior to the last CFA meeting of the year) and posted on the CFA web site. Anyone wishing to challenge a position on the slate must let the Nominating Committee chairperson know within ten days of the announcement. If a position on the slate is challenged, a vote will be taken at the last CFA meeting. Section 10. If no position on the slate is challenged, the approved slate is voted on by the last CFA meeting.



The fiscal year shall begin July 1 and end June 30 for the following year.



Section 1. These bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the membership of the CFA by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting, provided that the membership has been notified of the proposed amendment(s) at least ten days prior to the stated date of the vote.Section 2. A committee will review these bylaws every three years, revise if necessary, and re-approve.



The rules contained in "Robert's Rule of Order" shall govern the CFA in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws.



(Proposed 4/3/96)



(Adopted 5/1/96) 



(Revised 4/20/05) 



(Revised 6/10/09) 



(Adopted 10/2/09) 



(Revised 5/5/14) 



(Adopted 5/6/14) 



(Revised 4/12/16)



(Revised 5/5/17)




(Adopted 5/9/17)

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